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Specification of Portable Emergency Tower  Light with Smartphone Disaster Management Integration

    LED Fixture, Die Cast Aluminum. IP65. ​LED Light focusing Method: Individual Poly-carbonate integrated lens in front glass​, Colour Temperature(CCT): Greater than 6500K, One Half Peak Divergence: Between 40-45 for Horizontal &Vertical for both lamps, Total Lumen Flux of Each Fixture / Light Head: Greater than 5500, Luminous Efficacy Lm/Watt with Luminaire: Greater than 100, Spread: 7 degree Approximately, Red and Yellow light: RED Light on Back of One Light Head and Yellow Light on Back of Other Light for traffic Safety, Constant Lumen Output system: System maintains light output from full charged battery condition till the battery empty condition.

  •  Remotely controlled through Smartphone Wifi

  • 3 Operation Mode: High (100 Watts), ​Mid (50 Watts), Low (25 Watts)

  • Battery: LiFePO4 compatible with Automotive 12 Volt DC System

  • Mast Height 8.5 Feet Minimum from floor Level/Ground Level


Buy Price Rs. 1,99,000/- plus GST



LED Lights

  • 2 x 50 Watts

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